Our Philosophy

When you order our Elf bar vapes, we’ll ship your order on the same business day it’s placed. You get free shipping on orders over $200. 

We handle returns and exchanges on a case-by-case scenario with the objective of making our customers satisfied with their purchase from us. Please be patient as we kindly request customers to fully test out the product and offer troubleshooting tips for quick solutions.To help alleviate the high cost of this shipping service we incentivize our customers to have their orders exceed $100 to qualify for free shipping on us!


***Due to the increase in the number of people abusing our dead on arrival policy and trying to make fraudulent returns. All customer service & support tickets for defects, missing, and incorrect items require photos and in some cases, video evidence. You will need to submit photo/video clearly displaying the items and/or issues. You will be able to send these after our first reply. Please do not discard items until we notify you, or we will not be able to process the return/exchange. Sorry for any inconvenience it may cause genuine customers. We are protecting ourselves from customers who use bullying tactics to rip us off!


***We ask customers to test products when receiving. Products that are held within customers’ possession for over 48 hours can lead to defectiveness caused by customer.


Defective on Arrival (DOA)


Elfbarflavors.com offer a ‘Dead-On-Arrival’ guarantee on disposable products, this means we will only accept returns on provably faulty disposable items within 48-hours after purchase, and only on production of a valid receipt. We do not guarantee the taste or puff count on any disposable product as that can not be verified and is extremely subjective. Non-faulty products that seem faulty and products that have been rendered faulty as a result of misuse, as judged on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of Elf Bar Flavors Store, are not subject to this policy and cannot be returned.


In order for your defective warranty item to be eligible for exchange or credit, it must meet the following requirements:


  • It must be reported to sales@elfbarvapestore.org within 48 hours or less from the date of receiving your package*
  • All the accessories included in the purchased package must be sent in with the defective device
  • The item must have no signs of physical damage outside of normal wear and light usage
  • Returned items can be exchanged for the same item
  • Items with manufacturer’s Visual Defects like small paint chips will not be accepted for return


*If an item is received defective, you must create a detailed support ticket within 48 hours from the time marked “Delivered” by the carrier. After this timeframe, we consider your order delivered and complete.


Issue on Taste or Flavors


Taste of any product is a very subjective issue and can not be verified as it is will vary by person and product.


There are inherent variances of taste from batch to batch even of the same product from time to time as no batch can be manufactured exactly the same but these variances are extremely small and most products are very consistent in taste and flavor.


This issue has been further exasperated due to the side effects of Covid-19 (loss or impairment of taste).


So we do not typically compensate for burnt taste as this only occurs when the user overuses the vape in a short time frame.


Issue on Leaking


We only offer a 48 hour warranty on disposable vapes, if the device is defective it will be apparent within a day or so especially if it is not functioning or excessively leaking. These faults must be reported immediately.


As tanks and pods are used there will inevitably be deterioration of parts and seals that may render the tank or pod tank leaky over time.


Pods normally have a significantly long period of use. The longevity of actual disposable vape depends on use and care.


Pods of disposable vape have rubber seals that do deteriorate depending on use and most have push fit coils which again can cause wear around the coil insert as they are normally made from high density plastic and this is normal and acceptable wear and tear.


There is always a little bit of condensation or spots of liquid on the contacts which is perfectly normal for all devices and happens for various reasons.


Issue on Battery life


Battery life depends on how often the user vapes it. Although most disposable vapes come charged, we tell customers to charge before fully using it. Charging typically takes 1-2 hours.


Order Discrepancies


Any discrepancies in orders such as flavor, strength or color, wrong product must be notified within 24 hours of receipt of your order. The product must not have been opened or used.


Missing Items must be reported within 24 hours of receiving your order.


We reserve the right to use our discretion upon assessing the discrepancy or missing item claim by verifying the stock levels in our warehouse.


Buyer’s Remorse

Unfortunately the following are final sale items and are unable to be tested for defects due to health, safety, and legal reasons; we are unable to accept them as returns. Due to the sensitive nature of their design, and that we are unable to test for defects due to obvious health and safety reasons we DO NOT accept returns or exchanges for disposables vape.

We only accept buyer’s remorse exchanges of items that are unopened, unused and in its original sealed packaging. In other words, you must return the product in the way it was received. No exceptions.

There is a 20% restocking fee on items exchanged under buyer’s remorse.

Our site does not compensate shipping costs for buyer’s remorse returns. The customer is responsible for return shipping. Once received and processed, your exchange or credit will be issued.

! PLEASE NOTE: If items in a return order are deemed ineligible for a credit or exchange, you are responsible for shipping fees to receive your items back. Items will not be shipped back until shipping fees are paid to us. We will hold these items for no longer than 5 business days after initial contact with customers after which the items will be disposed of or discarded. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO READ THE RETURN POLICY THOROUGHLY.